Yas Island is a significant tourist attraction among the visitors of the United Arab Emirates. Located in Abu Dhabi, it attracts guests from all around the country, of course, including Dubai.

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But is Yas Island worth visiting? And is there anything you should know in advance? Today, we will answer these questions and share some helpful tips for planning out a perfect trip. Explore more must see places in Dubai in our previous article.

What is Yas Island?

Yas Island is an artificially made plot of land built on the territory of Abu Dhabi. It covers an area of around twenty-five square kilometers and has all the infrastructure you might need for a comfortable vacation.

The island was opened in 2009, although it is still being actively developed. More than 30 million people visit it each year, and while it is capable of accommodating millions of people at a time, it has only around 8,000 residents living there.

A Complete Tourist Guide on Yas Island

Yas Island is definitely worth visiting, especially if you’re staying in Abu Dhabi or are already planning a trip to this emirate. In this section, we will provide tips on how to get there, share the activities you can try out on the island, and discuss whether it is worth spending more than a day there.

Yas Island: Everything You Need To Know

How to get there?

Like with any tourist attraction in the United Arab Emirates, you can always get to Yas Island 

on public transport. There are several bus itineraries available both in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, although considering its fairly remote location, public busses are not the most convenient option.

Alternatively, you can travel to the famous island by taxi, as both Uber drivers and local companies will happily provide their services. Another option is to use a shuttle service, as there is both the Yas Express shuttle, and some hotels also drive their guests to Yas Island in groups.

If you’re up for some more extreme traveling options, you can take a boat or even a helicopter, although they will not always be the most time-efficient choices, and the price tags will be correspondingly hefty.

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By far the easiest and the most comfortable option is to reach Yas Island by car, no matter whether you own a vehicle or rent it. The vast majority of rental companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will happily allow you to travel to the island, even in case the trip requires crossing the internal border between the emirates. Much like the rest of the UAE, Yas Island is perfectly equipped for drivers, and you will have no issue with finding a parking spot.

Yas Island: Everything You Need To Know

What to do on Yas Island?

As we’ve mentioned previously, Yas Island has everything you might be looking for during a vacation in the United Arab Emirate. It offers the same level of luxury and comfort as Dubai or Abu Dhabi, so you should expect all their traditional attributes and activities ranging from water sports to high-end shopping.

Nevertheless, Yas Island has some unique attractions of its own, distinguishing it from other locations and resorts in the country. Perhaps the most notable of them are the theme parks called Warner Bros. World and Ferrari World as well as the Yas Waterworld water park. All of them offer rides and slides for visitors of all ages, making them perfect destinations for a family trip.

On top of that, Yas Island hosts numerous major events throughout the year. This includes some of the largest music concerts in the country as well as an almost infinite variety of smaller shows and expositions. You can easily find online calendars of upcoming events to book tickets in advance and time your visit perfectly. Didn’t plan your trip yet? Read our previous article and learn more about the best time to visit Dubai.

Yas Island: Everything You Need To Know

Is it worth staying on Yas Island overnight?

There are several hotels and resorts on Yas Island, each offering a top-quality hospitality service. Even though it is entirely possible to stay there throughout your entire visit to the United Arab Emirates, it might not be the best option, especially if you’re considering visiting other attractions outside of the island.

At the same time, spending a night there might be worth it for some tourists. In most cases, a one-day visit will be more than enough, but in case you wish to fully explore all the theme parks or attend some concerts, this is a perfect option for you.