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Rent a car of your most fancy dreams with our car rental in Dubai. Get behind the wheel of one of the luxury cars from our fleet and boost your driving and car rent experience at an entirely new level. Our exclusive car rent service provides you great opportunities of riding a luxury car, posh sports cars, and any dream car to your complete customer satisfaction.

Get the Best Dubai Luxury Car Rental Experience

Our car rental company in Dubai offers UAE residents and tourists a beneficial pricing policy and a considerable amount of cars to rent from our fleet: all our vehicles regularly undergo excellent service checks to improve the customer experience of renting a car.

Our luxury car rental fleet includes such rental cars: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Bentley, Range Rover, Audi, SUV vehicles, and more sports car and supercar options available.

Contact our team and learn more about renting an exotic vehicle in Dubai and check other details about daily and monthly car rental options available. 

  • You will get a detailed consultation with our managers concerning the terms of rent and vehicle exploitation.
  • We provide a transparent system of timely deposit refunds.
  • There are no hidden costs and fines.
  • We accept cashless deposits and provide all required documents.
  • All our vehicles are insured.
  • All cars are in perfect technical and cosmetic condition.
  • With Octane you can get a premium car almost any premium brand.
  • Our managers will deliver your car to the specified address any time of day.

Luxury Car Rent Company Features and Requirements

The safety of our customers is our rental company's top priority. We offer exclusive vehicles checked and all-ready for a ride.

All our cars have car insurance to promote extra safety to our customers.
Every client should provide a passport, a residential visa, a valid driver's license, and be of a particular age to use the services of our car agency.
While one is considered legit to drive a car in Dubai at 18 years old, the minimum age to meet the requirements of most car hire companies should be 25 years old.
Our clients have to pay a security deposit. 

Contact us to learn about more beneficial options of our rental service.

Benefits of Monthly Rentals

Renting a posh vehicle for an extended period can have multiple pros:

To solve any transportation problem fast and without extra charges, you may require a long-term rental. Should anything unexpected arise, a supercar of high quality and in perfect condition can be the way out!

Embrace punctuality and multitasking driving through the busy streets of Dubai. Be ahead of the traffic even in a rush hour and get anywhere on time.
Pick any route or destination point during your holidays and vacations, having the opportunity to tour the city in your best car and see the best nearby locations!

Enjoy the luxury of rare supercars with all modern equipment installed to boost the pleasure from comfort driving.

The price tag is more reasonable compared to short-term rentals, so you can drive your dream car and save up considerably at the same time!

The rented vehicle will be at your complete disposal only, and you will always remain mobile if it breaks down with a courtesy vehicle option.

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Our Dubai car company stands out among competitor rental companies  with the quality service and generous prices

  • Enjoy the broad variety of rental car types and brands, which guarantees the VIP car service to our clients.
  • Rent a car in Dubai from us and hire prestigious vehicles at the best rates, be it a business trip or a holiday ride.
  • We pride ourselves on our customer support team, ready to address any difficulties that may arise during a vehicle rental period.
  • You can pick up your hire car any time at our office or choose any location you prefer. Unlike many car rental companies in Dubai, we provide car hire with no additional costs concerned.
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