The local population of Dubai is welcoming and hospitable all year round, but there are still some factors you need to keep in mind while planning the trip. Let us together find out what is the best time to visit Dubai and why.

Peak Tourist Season in Dubai

No one loves to be part of tourist crowds, and even Dubai with its advanced infrastructure has its limits. The peak tourist season generally starts in November and ends in March. During these months, the top places in the UAE and the top places to visit in Dubai get overcrowded, while the prices for flights and accommodation get higher.

This seasonality is mainly explained by local weather conditions that we are going to discuss in detail further on. The months between November and March are warm and nice, while the summer season and months closer to it are unbearably hot for most visitors.

The perfect timing to visit Dubai is either right before the influx of tourists or right after it. Of course, October and April are noticeably hotter than the peak months, but if you’re willing to deal with the heat, you will get a much more relaxing experience.

There is one more potential inconvenience aside from the weather that you should keep in mind when planning a trip outside of the tourist season. The economy in the emirate is heavily based on tourism, so you should not be surprised to discover some businesses operate exclusively during the peak season. The silver lining is that the most popular brands and all major attractions will be available if you come to Dubai right before or right after the big crowd.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Dubai?


The UAE is a Muslim country that celebrates Ramadan. Even though Dubai tends to be tolerant because of its popularity among international tourists, it is still important to understand and respect local traditions.

During the Holy Month of Ramadan, there are restrictions on some activities and types of behavior. For example, listening to loud music or behaving aggressively is considered very offensive and insulting, but for the most part, being calm and polite as well as following Dubai laws for tourists is enough to make it through without offending the hospitable locals.

Locals refrain from food and drinks between sunrise and sunset, but it does not majorly affect the emirate’s tourists. Most establishments, especially the largest and most popular ones, continue to operate with normal schedules. And if you are worried about getting the taste of Dubai’s nightlife, you will be able to enjoy it at its fullest even during the Holy Month.

Ramadan falls on different dates every year, so it is better to learn about it for the year of the trip in advance. For example, in 2024, it is expected to start around the 10th of March, and it shifts for around ten days every year. 

Winter in Dubai

As we’ve mentioned, Dubai’s winter is generally considered the best time to visit the emirate in terms of weather conditions. The temperature cools down and becomes much more pleasant, while still being significantly warmer than in European countries during the same time of the year.

During the day, the temperature ranges between 20°C to 30°C (70°F to 85°F), ensuring perfect conditions for long walks, water activities, and exploration of natural and architectural sites.

It coincides with the peak tourist season, so all the attractions and activities will be available if you decide to visit the city in winter, but you should also be ready to share your visit with numerous fellow tourists.


Summer in Dubai

Dubai’s summer offers some tough weather conditions, as it is normal for the temperature to exceed 40°C (105°F), and sometimes, it even reaches 50°C (122°F). Needless to say, outdoor activities that might be rather uncomfortable in autumn or spring become outright dangerous in summer.

As we’ve previously mentioned, some businesses are closed during summer months because of the decreased demand, while others stop offering their services because of the associated dangers. Even the famous zoo closes its doors for this season for the sake of the visitors’ and inhabitants’ safety.

The largest hotels, financial institutions, malls, and other places might still operate in summer, but the assortment feels much more limited. Some tourists love visiting the emirate at its hottest because of the absence of tourist crowds, but it is not recommended for unprepared people who originate from colder climate zones.

If you’re looking to discover more attractions in Dubai, check out our article about top places to visit in Dubai for more ideas. Whether you prefer indoor activities or cooler spots, our guide can help you maximize your Dubai adventure.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Dubai?

Autumn and Spring in Dubai

Dubai’s spring is warm and welcoming, as the weather is usually between 22°C (71°F) and 30°C (87°F). The sea temperature ranges from 22°C (72°F) to 28°C (83°F) this time of the year, making it a perfect time for water sports and other seaside activities.

The same goes for Autumn in Dubai, as these two seasons blend into winter and summer and offer very similar weather conditions. It should also be mentioned that the temperature difference between the months is rather significant, so we would suggest taking it into account when planning a trip. For example, in September, it is around 9°C hotter than in November, and March is around 8°C colder than May.

As we have mentioned, both these seasons intersect with the peak of tourism in the city, so you also won’t need to worry about any establishments being closed or any activities or attractions being unavailable. And if you’re tight on budget, you can also check out our list of free things to do in Dubai – it is relevant for spring and autumn.


Worst Time to Visit Dubai

The timing for visiting Dubai should be based on individual preferences of the visitors, and there is no universally worst time to visit the emirate. After all, most attractions work all year round, and it boils down to what you enjoy the least – crowds of tourists or scorching hot weather.

For most people, the worst time to visit Dubai is in summer because of the weather conditions. At the same time, travelers from hotter climates will not be disturbed by the heat, making it a favorable choice for some. Some people are equally fine with sharing their journey with other travelers and being part of large groups, benefiting from a full choice of activities and opportunities that might not be available in summer.

Dubai Attractions in Different Seasons

We have already mentioned that the biggest attractions in Dubai operate all year round, although there are several exceptions. We have compiled the most popular sites to visit in the emirate in a table and added their seasonal availability for you to easier plan your journey. And if you wish to learn more facts about Dubai, make sure to read our guide before your visit.

Attraction Winter Spring Summer Autumn
Burj Khalifa
The Dubai Mall
Burj Al Arab
Dubai Marina
Palm Jumeirah
Dubai Fountain
Jumeirah Beach
Dubai Miracle Garden
Ski Dubai
Dubai Opera
Global Village
The Walk at JBR
Wild Wadi Water Park
IMG Worlds of Adventure
Dubai Frame
Al Fahidi Historic District
Dubai Creek
Aquaventure Waterpark
Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary
The Green Planet
Dubai Dolphinarium


How long does Ramadan last in Dubai?

Ramadan in Dubai lasts between 29 and 30 days. The dates are different every year, so it is recommended to learn the details in advance, although the Holy Month does not have a significant effect on tourists’ lives.

When is the best time to visit Dubai?

The best time to visit Dubai depends on your personal preferences. In terms of weather, the best months are between November and March, but these months coincide with the peak of tourist activity in the emirate.

What is the best month for Sun seekers?

Dubai is sunny all year round with only around 25 rainy days throughout the year. Even though summers might go without rains at all, sun seekers from colder climates are recommended to visit the emirate in spring or autumn.

What is the worst period to visit the UAE?

Summer is generally considered the worst period to visit the UAE because of its extreme temperatures. At the same time, some visitors prefer coming to Dubai during hotter months to avoid crowds of tourists.