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Rolls-Royce Dawn White

Visiting the United Arab Emirates, you will need a car to have easy transportation between different parts of one city or even from one city to another. It is impossible to imagine life in the UAE without a car as it is one of the symbols that can help you to create an excellent first impression. Of course, you can show your status properly only if you have chosen a suitable car model. Our company assists in the choice of the car for transportation around the UAE and offers one of the best prices available there.

In this review, we will tell you more about one of the favorite cars of our customers — Rolls-Royce Dawn.

Rolls-Royce Dawn Overview

The brand Rolls-Royce has produced a lot of luxury cars that you can notice on the streets of the UAE. Most of them can be described as cars presenting stability and high status. Nevertheless, the Rolls-Royce Dawn is one of the models of this brand; it expresses speed and extreme along with the Rolls-Royce spirit.

Rolls-Royce Dawn is a drophead coupe — it illustrates the freedom of movement and power of a driver. Thus, you can feel hot UAE air in your hair while driving this perfect car.

Rolls-Royce Dawn combines everything that a wealthy and free person may need. Choose the Rolls-Royce Dawn if this description is about you.

Main Characteristics

As regards the power characteristics and technical features of the Rolls-Royce Dawn convertible, they are listed here:

  • Engine — 6.6 liter, 6598 cc;
  • Power — 563 bhp;
  • Torque — 820 Nm;
  • Fuel type — petrol;
  • Acceleration — 4.9 seconds;
  • Max. speed — 250 kmph;
  • Transmission — automatic.

These features will allow you to feel the power of Rolls-Royce dawn while driving it on the ideally covered roads of the UAE.

Exterior and Interior Designs

At first glance, you can notice the typical Rolls-Royce cars design: chrome-finished grille, Spirit of Ecstasy symbol. The wheels are 21-inch and the LED lights are placed on the front and back sides.

Interior design combines the classic style of Rolls-Royce and modern solutions. For example, there you can find a big HD screen for control over the climate inside the car and a music system with 16 speakers.

The soft-top is always constructed in such a way that you can open it in several seconds at a certain speed (max. 50kmph).

So, Rolls-Royce Dawn can combine all your preferences in its design. 

Space Features

A Rolls-Royce Dawn may be occupied by four people even though it is a two-door car. However, there is not enough space inside for carrying luggage or other bulky things. This car is not supposed to be used for transportation of baggage as this is a young spirit car for free movements between close locations.

Explore more details about Rolls-Royce Dawn in our office or our website and choose the convertible car for easy transportation in the UAE. Contact us to learn our requirements for your driving experience and the prices for the rent.

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Road-ready vehicle
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Technical support
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