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Rolls Royce Ghost Rental in Dubai

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  • Year:2022
  • Engine power:570 hp
  • 0-100 km/h:5 sec
  • Seats:5
  • Color:blue
  • Interior Color:orange
  • Max speed:250 km/h
from 1290 to 3190 AED daily
38 700 AED monthly
  • Year:2021
  • Engine power:570 hp
  • 0-100 km/h:4.8 sec
  • Seats:4
  • Color:blue
  • Interior Color:white
  • Max speed:250 km/h
from 1290 to 3190 AED daily
38 700 AED monthly

A Rolls Royce is an obvious choice if you’re looking for a rare car with extra luxury. In the brand’s lineup, the Ghost stands out as an attention-grabbing, super quiet, and driver-focused sedan. 

Why Rent the Rolls Royce Ghost in Dubai? 

The Ghost is a full-size sedan with a seating capacity of up to 5 people. It has a strong identity with the Spirit of Ecstasy emblem, bold grille, rear-hinged doors, and sleek body shape. Here’s some brief information about the car’s qualities:

  • Smooth and powerful performance: Under the hood, the car features a powerful V12 engine that delivers at least 563 horsepower and can be boosted up to 592 hp. Despite its large size, the Ghost has a lightweight construction and is engineered for agility and effortless handling on the road. The driving experience of this car is hard to match thanks to all-wheel drive, eight-speed transmission, advanced suspension systems, dynamic stability control, and a soft ride. 
  • Royal interior: Inside the Ghost, you’ll find the comfort and luxury that only Rolls-Royce offers. The entire interior is made with expensive materials, including the finest leather, hand-crafted wood trim, and polished metal accents. It looks classy and feels wonderful. If you want the atmosphere to get more majestic, you can turn on the starry headliner. Ghost’s features, including individual climate control zones, massaging seats with heated and ventilated options, and power-operated doors, provide tailored comfort.
  • Advanced technology: The Ghost offers advanced yet intuitive tech features. This includes a responsive infotainment touchscreen and a suite of cameras and sensors that provide peace of mind and help the driver navigate various road conditions. The Ghost’s driving modes and speed transmissions change automatically in response to the road to improve driving comfort. Driver assistance features include adaptive cruise control, night vision, lane-keeping assist, and parking sensors.

How to Hire the Rolls Royce Ghost in Dubai With Octane 

At Octane, we’ll take care of your easy and stress-free Rolls Royce rental process. To book the Rolls Royce Ghost in Dubai, get in touch with us online or by phone. 

Our team offers:

  • 24/7 service
  • Competitive prices
  • Rent without deposit
  • Flexible rental schedule
  • Perfect condition of cars
  • Inclusive insurance package 
  • Special offers and loyalty programs
  • Delivery to an address convenient for you

The minimum age requirement for the Rolls Royce Ghost rental is 25 years old. 

In addition to a driver’s license, required documents may include an international driver’s permit, visa, and passport. 

Rent the Ghost to roll in Dubai streets in total luxury. Book the car early on to make sure it’s available.

Rolls Royce Ghost rental price in Dubai

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Rolls-Royce Ghost, 2021 3190 AED 21 700 AED 38 700 AED
Rolls-Royce Ghost Blue, 2022 3190 AED 21 700 AED 38 700 AED