Dubai is a supercar paradise. You can see luxurious and exotic cars on every street. Among them are business cars from different brands; BMW, Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, Audi, and others. A part of these cars come from rental agencies.

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Visitors and locals choose to rent a business car from time to time. Rental cars are a good option to drive to meetings, family or corporate events in style. You can hire a car to use it while yours is under repair, or simply when you want to switch things up by driving new models.

Renting a business car is practical, although not always easy. You need to find a reliable agency that offers the car you want at fair terms. How to find a match? 

Let’s dig into Dubai’s car rental market prices and see how to rent a business car for your needs.

Choosing a Business Car Rental in Dubai – Prices

The car market is getting larger, which makes it more difficult to choose between models. You can find business class cars at different prices based on the brand, specs, launch date, conditions, and other factors. Business cars can be a bit more expensive than standard models due to the specialities of the class.

Business Car Description

Business class cars are described as e-segment, full-size or mid-size luxury vehicles. They have the following characteristics: 

  • powerful engines 
  • premium features 
  • advanced technology 
  • good passenger space
  • 4-door and 5-door saloons
  • high level of comfort and safety

Costs for Renting a Business Car in Dubai 

Renting a business car can cost a little more than a standard car, but it offers improved driving experience, comfort, and elegance. There are options for any budget, taste, and requirements. Average daily rates for a business car in Dubai can range from around 300 AED to 2,500 AED or more.

Tips to Rent a Business Car in Dubai 

It’s convenient to rent a car for your business trips in Dubai. However, there are nuances to be aware of to make a good deal. We’ve rounded up some tips that can help you.

1. Be Aware of Business Car Rental Scams 

There are different kinds of car rental scams: hidden fees, overpriced charges, and high deposits, which can be hard to get back. Consider verified companies with transparent pricing policies to avoid the risks of getting ripped off. Take time to do research, read the terms and conditions thoroughly and confirm the total costs before signing the rental agreement.

2. Get Full Coverage Insurance

You need to have an insurance plan that protects you from possible issues during the business car rental period. Examine the insurance policy and understand the coverage it provides. Make sure you know the conditions and won’t pay for potential damages out of your pocket. Compare insurance plans not to pay extra for unnecessary coverage either.

3. Check the Car’s Condition 

Rental companies check cars’ conditions before handing them to customers and after drop-offs. However, sometimes damages can be missed. It’s better to check the car’s exterior, interior, functionality, and fuel level before driving away. Finding any dents, scratches or other visible damages, report them to the counter. Consider documenting the inspection process and taking pictures.

4. Prioritize Your Needs When Picking a Car 

Define the most important things for your driving needs; whether you are looking for a brand new model, budget options, big boot space, or other specific features. Filter the cars based on your key priorities to find the ideal match. Decide on the duration of your rental period to take advantage of long-term offers.

5. Rent a Car That Handles Dubai’s Climate Conditions 

When you rent a business car in Dubai make sure it has a powerful AC system to control the climate and work for long durations. In the winter season, Dubai has foggy days challenging visibility. To drive safely in such conditions, rent a car equipped with proper lighting. Ensure wipers work well, don’t speed up and keep the safety measures.

How to Calculate Your Expenses 

You need to factor in these numbers to calculate your expenses for renting a business car in Dubai.

  • the business car rental cost per day 
  • the number of miles to be driven per day 
  • the fuel cost per gallon (AED/gallon) 
  • the miles the car can travel per gallon of fuel (MPG)

First, find out how much you may spend on fuel daily. To do so, divide the number of miles you plan to drive per day by how far the car can go on a gallon of gas (MPG). Multiply the given number by the cost of gas per gallon. Then, add the rental price to the number, and you’ll figure out how much the car can cost you per day. Also, consider insurance rates and possible road and parking taxes. Doing calculations upfront will help you accurately plan your budget.

What Business Cars Can You Rent in Dubai

Dubai is a place where you can choose from a wide fleet of business cars to rent. We selected a few popular models at

  • Audi A6 Black: stylish executive sedan. Audi A6 is practical. It offers advanced features at an affordable price. 
  • Mercedes E300: business saloon of 2022 edition. This midsize car is smooth on the road and has great driver assistance technology. 
  • BMW X7: the biggest BMW up to date. The roomy model allows 7 passengers to sit comfortably. It’s a good choice if you prefer a large luxurious SUV. 
  • Bentley Bentayga: powerful business car with a glamorous look. Bentley Bentayga stands out for its capability and modern features. 
  • Tesla Model S: high-performance electric vehicle. This is a model of 2021 with a minimalist cabin. Tesla Model S is super quiet and fun to drive. 
  • Range Rover HSE: luxury SUV known for high-end features. It has an impressive leather interior and sleek functionality.

Cost per day: 2290 AED

  • Rolls-Royce Cullinan White: A top reason to rent a Rolls-Royce is getting behind the wheels of the most luxurious vehicle on the road. Rolls-Royce Cullinan White has a lavish interior made from exclusive materials. It’s classy and provides a comfortable ride. 

Cost per day: 3990 AED

How to Rent a Car You Need for the Best Price

To save money and rent a business car at the best price, consider booking in advance and skipping the airport. Click around and compare the business car price you want on different online rental sites. Consider add-ons and remove extras you won’t need. Look for discounts and promotions.

Be aware of scams and don’t fall for offers with hidden charges. Take time to do research and rent from a verified company with transparent pricing policies.

Looking for the best deal for renting a business car in Dubai? We have what you need. At, you will find simple rental terms and transparent pricing. Take a look at our car’s catalog, and contact us if you have any questions. 


Are business cars common in Dubai?

Yes. Dubai is a place where you can see a high number of luxurious business cars on the road. The reasons for this are the city’s car culture, lower taxes, business lifestyle and the availability of rental cars.

How much does it cost to rent a business car in Dubai?

On average, a business car price for rent in Dubai can be between 300 AED to 2,500 AED or more.

What rental company to choose?

To rent a business car in Dubai, choose a verified company with a transparent pricing policy. Research and read reviews to avoid the risks of being ripped off.

What do I need to rent a business car?

To rent a business car in Dubai as a visitor, you’ll need a passport, visit visa, home country driving license and an international driving permit. Locals can rent a car with a UAE Driving License and Emirates ID or Residential Visa.