Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider

Rent Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider in Dubai

Rental period
Price per day (AED)
1-2 days
4200 AED
3-7 days
4000 AED
8-29 days
3800 AED
30+ days
2900 AED
3500 AED

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Engine power
720 hp
0-100 km/h
2,9 sec
Interior Color
Max speed
340 km/h

The United Arab Emirates has special relationships with the Ferrari luxury brand. It is not surprising because the city of Dubai and Ferrari vehicles have much in common. Both are the synonyms of luxury, comfort, and dolce vita. That is why when a tourist or a businessman arrives in this wonderful city, his or her choice turns very often to Ferrari for seeing sights or meeting with friends or business partners.

Why Rent a Ferrari F8 Spider

The most prominent representative of the Ferrari family, the F8 Spider, is a two-passenger convertible version of the F8 Tributo designed by the famous Italian brand. The exotic bodywork of the F8 Spider convertible distinguishes it from the rest of the vehicles belonging to the Ferrari model range. They are very often preferred more than the coupe models here in Dubai because of the hot climate. What can be better than driving a stylish and powerful car, breathing fresh air, enjoying speed, and feeling the wind in your hair.

Renting a supercar, you are likely to expect something extraordinary. Ferrari F8 Spider meets the requirements of the most demanding drivers and is distinguished by its amazing body style and outstanding performance. It is not surprising because the starting price of this supercar exceeds a million AED.

Ferrari F8 Spider Technical Features and Performance

Ferrari F8 Spider’s price and popularity are determined by its outstanding technical and performance features.

Ferrari F8 Spider is characterized by:

  • The top speed of 340 km/h
  • Petrol fuel type
  • Acceleration up to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds
  • A 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 best engine
  • Rear wheels drive
  • Seven-speed automatic transmission
  • The 20-inch wheels and rear spoiler
  • Power-retractable hard-top roof
  • The dry weight of the vehicle amounting to 1400 kg
  • The cargo space capacity is up to 7 cubic feet in the coupe

Besides, the Ferrari F8 Spider is featured by zero turbo lag instantly helping to escape its power. Ferrari dynamic enhancer, a special innovative system, manages drifts and is used for the mode of the race. As to the F8 Spider cockpit, it represents a traditional classic cabin and is typical of Ferrari two-seater coupes.

You can control your Ferrari features using Apple CarPlay, unfortunately, Android Auto is not maintained in this car. Six-speaker audio system, Bluetooth, phone and streaming audio, LCD monitors, and integrated navigation system with a voice activation feature are also available.

Why Rent Ferrari F8 Spider

Our company provides customers with a wide range of Ferrari car models. Among them, you can find, of course, this convertible miracle, Ferrari F8 Spider at a compatible price.

So, what do you need to rent a Ferrari F8 Spider?

  • At least 5 years of driving experience
  • Driver’s age of 25 years old and above
  • AED 3500 deposit

We offer you a flexible pricing policy. It makes sense to rent a Ferrari F8 Spider convertible for a longer period because in this case, a day of the vehicle rent will cost you starting from AED 3100 (30 days+), which can save you a significant amount of money as compared to a 1-day rental.

F8 Spider Represents Your Dream Supercar

When you learn all the characteristic features and advantages of this amazing Italian car, it is time to visit our company’s site and book F8 Spider to enjoy your fabulous trip!

24/7 delivery and pick-up
24/7 delivery
and pick-up
road-ready vehicle full tank, perfectly clean
road-ready vehicle full tank,
perfectly clean
2 hours grace period for delay
2 hours grace period for delay
amenities phone charges, water, sanitizer
amenities phone charges,
water, sanitizer
24/7 technical support
24/7 technical
Insurance: Included
Min age: 25 years
Min driving experience: 3 years
Included day mileage: 250 km
Cost of extra km: 10 AED

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