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Hummer EV Rental in Dubai

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  • Year:2022
  • Engine power:1000 hp
  • 0-100 km/h:2.9 sec
  • Seats:5
  • Color:White
  • Interior Color:White
  • Max speed:170 km/h
from 1350 to 2500 AED daily
40 500 AED monthly
  • Year:2022
  • Engine power:1014 hp
  • 0-100 km/h:3.5 sec
  • Seats:5
  • Color:White
  • Interior Color:White
  • Max speed:190 km/h
from 1090 to 1990 AED daily
32 700 AED monthly
  • Year:2022
  • Engine power:1000 hp
  • 0-100 km/h:3 sec
  • Seats:5
  • Color:white
  • Interior Color:black
  • Max speed:171 km/h
from 1350 to 2500 AED daily
40 500 AED monthly

The Hummer EV is an innovative electric vehicle from the American automaker GMC. First delivered in late 2021, it marks a revolutionary transition from the traditional iconic gas-guzzling Hummer of the past to an advanced, zero-emissions powertrain. The Hummer EV is available in both pickup and SUV options. It combines rugged off-road capabilities with progressive electric technology. This reimagined Hummer not only retains its adventurous spirit but also aligns with the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions.

Features of the GMC Hummer EV

Zero Emissions

As an all-electric vehicle, the Hummer EV produces zero emissions, significantly reducing the environmental impact compared to traditional gas-powered vehicles. This also helps save money that could have been spent on fuel.

Off-Road Capability and Performance Power

Together with its eco-friendly credentials, this model doesn’t compromise on performance. With an estimated 1,000 horsepower and instant torque delivery from the electric motors, it accelerates quickly and effortlessly. Built on General Motors’ new Ultium platform, the Hummer EV is designed to conquer tough terrain. It features advanced four-wheel-drive systems, adaptive air suspension, and underbody armor. These features allow it to handle bumpy trails with ease.

Range and Charging

This SUV boasts an impressive range of over 300 miles per charge, providing convenience for both daily commutes and extended adventures. It supports fast charging capabilities, allowing you to charge efficiently on the go. The adaptive air suspension not only provides a smooth ride but can also adjust the vehicle’s height for better ground clearance or improved aerodynamics on highways.

Technology and Features

Equipped with modern technology, the Hummer EV offers innovative features such as “CrabWalk” mode, which allows you to move diagonally at low speeds, enhancing maneuverability in tight spaces. It also includes advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that contribute to safety and comfort. With features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking, the Hummer EV provides a safe and stress-free driving experience.

From intuitive touchscreen controls to seamless smartphone integration, air conditioning, and advanced navigation systems, every aspect of the Hummer EV is designed to provide comfort, entertainment, and connectivity on every journey.

Luxurious Interior

The Hummer’s cabin combines luxury with ruggedness, featuring premium materials and high-tech amenities like a large infotainment screen and a customizable digital instrument cluster. It typically seats five passengers, providing ample space and comfort. This makes the Hummer ideal for both everyday use and off-road trips.

How to Find The Best Rental Price?

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How to Find The Best Rental Price for a Hummer EV in Dubai

Renting a car offers several benefits, providing flexibility and convenience for various situations. You’re not tied to public transport schedules, allowing you to explore Dubai at your own pace. Rental agencies offer a wide variety of vehicles, from compact cars to luxury models like the Hummer EV, ensuring you can choose a vehicle that fits your specific needs.

Renting can be cost-effective, freeing you from worrying about maintenance, insurance, and other ownership costs. For maximum comfort, you can arrange to receive your rental car directly at Dubai airport upon arrival.

To find the best rental price for a Hummer EV:

  1. Book in advance: This ensures both a suitable price and the availability of your chosen model.
  2. Consider rental duration: Long-term rentals generally have lower daily rates.
  3. Be flexible with dates: Prices may vary depending on the day, season, and demand. If possible, check prices for different days around your preferred rental period.
  4. Compare agencies: Different rental companies may offer varying rates for the same vehicle.
  5. Look for promotions or package deals: Some agencies offer discounts when you bundle with other services.
  6. Check for additional fees: Be aware of any extra charges for services like GPS, additional drivers, or airport pickup.
    Remember, while the Hummer EV is a premium vehicle, these strategies can help you secure the best possible rate. Experience the newest models packed with the latest technology and safety features, including the innovative CrabWalk mode and advanced driver assistance systems.
    By planning ahead and using these tips, you can enjoy the luxury and performance of the Hummer EV while getting the best value for your rental in Dubai.

How to Rent a Hummer EV in Dubai

Renting a Hummer EV with our website is a fast and simple process. To do so, follow this guide:

Visit the Octane Website

Apply filters to find and rent a Hummer EV model in the Octane catalog.

Check the Required Documents

Foreign citizens will be required to have a driver’s license from their home country, an international driver’s permit, a passport and a visa.

UAE nationals will need a driver’s license and ID.

Information on additional requirements such as minimum age and driving experience varies by vehicle brand and model. They are mostly mentioned in the car specification section.

Make an Order

Complete the reservation application by entering your personal information, the vehicle’s delivery and pick-up place, and the rental dates. Leave your contact information: phone number, whatsapp, telegram or other preferred option.

Pick up the car

On the prearranged date and time, come to the agreed address and pick up the keys to your rental car. Complete the contract on the spot and start enjoying your best rental experience.

Why Choose Octane Car Rental Company?

Octane offers numerous benefits and discounts. Here are some reasons to choose our services:

  1. Flexible Rental Conditions: Avoid the limitations of public transport by having your rental car delivered to a location convenient for you, such as your hotel, ensuring a comfortable journey.
  2. Quick Rental Process: Take control of your schedule without depending on external factors. We guarantee a fast and smooth rental process.
  3. Transparent Pricing Policy: Our pricing is transparent with no hidden or additional fees. You always pay the price agreed upon in the contract, ensuring clarity.
  4. Well-Maintained Vehicles: Our fleet consists of vehicles in excellent condition. Each car undergoes regular inspections to meet high-quality standards.
  5. No Deposit Fee: Enjoy hassle-free rentals with no additional insurance or deposit fees. All necessary payments are clearly outlined in the contract.
  6. 24/7 Customer Service: Reach out to us anytime with your rental inquiries. From selecting a vehicle to completing your rental, our customer service is available round-the-clock to assist you.

Key Takeaways

The Hummer EV combines the brand’s legendary durability with the efficiency and performance of an electric motor, while prioritizing environmental sustainability. With its technological innovations, powerful performance capabilities, and luxurious comfort features, the Hummer EV represents the future of electric vehicles, setting a new standard in the automotive industry.

Car rental offers unmatched flexibility, convenience, and access to diverse vehicle options without the commitments and expenses of ownership. Octane is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences. Trust our expertise to enhance your travel plans and ensure a seamless rental experience.


How to find a Hummer rental in Dubai?

Search, find and book the model you want at the best price on Octane. Here you can reserve a car quickly, in just a few seconds.

How much does it cost to rent a Hummer EV in Dubai?

Rental prices vary depending on offers and season. There are no surcharges or added rates at Octane. You can now rent a Hummer EV starting from AED 1290 per day.

Can I rent a car on a long-term basis?

At Octane, you can rent a car for as long as you need.

What documents are needed to rent a car in Dubai?

For foreign citizens: valid driver’s license, international driving permit, passport, and visa. For UAE nationals: UAE driver’s license and ID.

GMC Hummer rental price in Dubai

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GMC Hummer EV White, 2022 1990 AED 13 300 AED 32 700 AED
GMC Hummer EV Edition 1, 2022 2500 AED 16 800 AED 40 500 AED
Hummer EV White, 2022 2500 AED 16 800 AED 40 500 AED