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BMW M3 Rental in Dubai

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  • Year:2021
  • Engine power:510 hp
  • 0-100 km/h:3.9 sec
  • Seats:5
  • Color:Green
  • Interior Color:Black
  • Max speed:250 km/h
from 450 to 790 AED daily
13 500 AED monthly
  • Year:2022
  • Engine power:510 hp
  • 0-100 km/h:3.9 sec
  • Seats:5
  • Color:Green
  • Interior Color:Black
  • Max speed:250 km/h
from 490 to 850 AED daily
14 700 AED monthly

Dubai is famous for a luxurious lifestyle, and what could be better than to get behind the wheels of a BMW M3 with high performance and advanced features? Car rental in Dubai is a perfect opportunity to get an unforgettable driving experience in one of the most popular sports cars, BMW M3.

This guide will help you understand how car rental works in Dubai, how much it can cost, and how to choose the best rental company.

Explore Dubai in a BMW M3

Dubai is a city of amazing activities and attractions, busy streets and modern architecture masterpieces. Imagine driving through the iconic streets of Dubai seamlessly shifting gears as you explore everything Dubai has to offer. When you rent a BMW from a trusted rental provider, you’re guaranteeing yourself a stress-free process of hiring a car.

The BMW M3 is equipped with advanced technologies like TwinPower Turbo Engine, Eight-Speed Automatic Transmission, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Premium Sound System. Drive along the iconic Sheikh Zayed Road, feeling the superior handling and performance of your BMW. With a range of suppliers offering competitive rates, renting a BMW in Dubai becomes an accessible dream.

Rent BMW with Octane and enjoy the perfect blend of luxury and performance, making your journey through Dubai city a dream come true .

Unparalleled Performance and Handling of BMW M3 cars

BMW M3 has a lot of great qualities to offer you! From High performance to smooth handling, this BMW M3 car is the best choice for you you are the onw who appreciates a luxury car rental in Dubai city.

Renowned for its powerful engine and precision engineering, the BMW M3 delivers thrilling acceleration and smooth handling on both city streets and open highways. Whether you’re navigating through urban traffic or enjoying a scenic drive, renting a BMW M3 ensures a dynamic driving experience that combines speed, agility, and comfort.

Rent BMW of your are a car enthusiast and seeking high-class capability. The BMW M3 stands out as a premier choice in luxury vehicle rentals in Dubai.

Luxurious Interior and Advanced Technology

Experience the epitome of style with the BMW models available for rent in Dubai, boasting not only sleek exteriors but also luxurious interiors and advanced technology. Step into a world of comfort and sophistication where premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship create an ambiance of opulence. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology features, these BMWs redefine driving pleasure, offering intuitive infotainment systems, cutting-edge navigation, and driver-assist technologies that ensure both convenience and safety. Whether you’re cruising through the city or embarking on a road trip, renting a BMW from our luxury car rentals in Dubai guarantees a journey where style meets innovation at every turn.

Safety Features of BMW

BMW vehicles are famous for their advanced safety features, guaranteeing a secure driving process:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control: Helps maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.
  • Lane Departure Warning: Alerts drivers if they unintentionally drift out of their lane.
  • Blind-Spot Detection: Warns of vehicles in the blind spots during lane changes.
  • Forward Collision Warning with Automatic Emergency Braking: Alerts drivers of potential collisions.
  • Robust Airbag System: Provides protection in case of a collision.

Rent BMW in Dubai with Octane and enjoy security innovations, integrated seamlessly into BMW models, providing confidence and passenger comfort on the roads.

Benefits of BMW Car Rental in Dubai

Rent BMW car in Dubai and enjoy it’s advanced technology and high-class design.

Known as the ultimate driving machine, BMW cars are equipped with powerful engines of various sizes:

  • Eight-speed automatic transmission: Provides smooth and responsive driving.
  • Exceptional handling: Makes every journey enjoyable and nice.
  • Engine sizes: Offers a range of options to suit your power and efficiency needs.
  • High-quality materials: Guarantees a luxurious and comfortable interior.

Hiring a BMW in Dubai guarantees a top-tier vehicle equipped with the latest technology, making it the perfect choice for both business and leisure.

Wide Range of BMW Cars To Rent in Dubai with Octane

Octane offers a wide range of BMW vehicles to hire in Dubai, featuring various models that satisfy different preferences and needs. Newer and higher models are more expensive compared to older ones. From luxurious sedans to high-powered vehicles, each car in our fleet is equipped with useful amenities and are good examples of automotive engineering.

Whether you’re looking for an elegant sedan for business meetings or a powerful sports car for leisurely drives, our selection guarantees there’s a BMW to suit every occasion. Experience the luxury and sophistication of BMW with Octane’s car rental services in Dubai, where quality meets excellence in every model available for hire.

We wish you smooth driving and green lights at every traffic signal!

Finding the Car Rental Companies in Dubai

Octane offers affordable car rental prices, full coverage insurance, free delivery to preferred locations, like Dubai Airport or hotel, and additional features such as child seat, GPS navigation, newer models of luxury cars like Rolls Royce to SUV and Sedan cars.

Here’s why Octane car rental provider is the best choice in Unknown country:

  1. No hidden fees.
  2. Affordable prices.
  3. Wide fleet of luxury cars.
  4. Dedicated customer support team, available 24/7.
  5. Delivery of your BMW vehicle to preferred location.
  6. Pet-friendly and kid-friendly options.
  7. No deposit.
  8. Full coverage insurance.

Choosing the right car rental agency is a key to the best driving experience in Dubai

BMW Car Rental with Free Delivery and Support

Renting a BMW in Dubai will become the most easier process with Octane car rental company offering a luxurious BMW M3 for hire. It’s time to treat yourself to a high-class vehicle rental with our BMW car rental service, which includes free delivery and 24/7 client support.

Looking to rent a BMW for a special occasion or for daily use? Our optional services, such as vehicle pick up, guarantee a seamless and hassle-free renting process to everyone.

With our high-class car rental services in Dubai, you can enjoy the thrill of driving a modern BMW, complete with the comfort of knowing that we provide comprehensive support throughout your hiring period.

Once you rent BMW from us, you will discover why we’re the leading choice for car rentals in Dubai.

Rental Price of BMW M3

When considering the rental price of a BMW M3 in Dubai, keep in mind these key factors:

  • Standard mileage limit
  • Car rental period
  • Specifics of the rental agreement

The cost to rent this reliable vehicle from an Octane rental company in Dubai ranges from:

  • 450 to 850 AED daily
  • 14,700 AED monthly

Additional considerations when renting a BMW include:

  • Booking fees
  • Third-party insurance
  • Fuel costs

This reliable car model will satisfy all your needs, making it a popular choice for those seeking luxury and performance. When you rent a BMW M3 with Octane, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions to enjoy an amazing hire process.

How to Rent a BMW M3 with Octane in Dubai

Renting a luxury vehicle like a BMW M3 in Dubai Octane is a good choice if you appreciate wonderful service, cars in a good condition and flexible rental options.

Follow these steps and you will have a smooth and enjoyable BMW rental process.

Visit Website

To start your car rental journey, visit Octane’s official website. Here, you will find all the necessary information about renting a BMW M3 in Dubai, along with various other luxury vehicle options.

Choose your vehicle

Browse through the selection of cars on the website and choose the BMW M3, or a vehicle of the same level of comfort and performance, that suits your needs.

Contact Octane to Rent BMW

Once you have selected your vehicle, simply contact Octane to rent the BMW M3. Octane’s customer service team will assist you with the rental process and provide any additional information you may need.

Check Availability of BMW M3 for Preferred Rental Period

Make sure that the BMW M3 is available for your preferred hire period. Octane will check the rental schedule and confirm if the vehicle can be rented for your desired dates.

Read Terms and Conditions

Before finalizing your rental, read the terms and conditions carefully. This will include important information about renting a car in Dubai, such as insurance coverage, parking guidelines, and fuel policy.

Confirm Booking of your BMW M3

After understanding the terms and conditions, confirm your booking of the BMW M3. Make sure all details are correct to avoid any issues during the hiring period.

Pick up your Car

On the day of your rental, pick up your BMW M3 car directly from the designated location. Enjoy the luxury and comfort of your car while following Dubai’s fuel policy and rental guidelines.

Octane provides an amazing car renting experience, allowing you to enjoy your BMW car, whether it’s a sedan or another BMW car model, with ease in Dubai.

Rent a BMW car with Octane in Dubai and enjoy the green light to explore the city in style and comfort and become your own boss by being independent!

BMW M3 rental price in Dubai

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BMW M3 Green, 2021 790 AED 5 250 AED 13 500 AED
BMW M3 Green, 2022 850 AED 5 810 AED 14 700 AED