• Year:2019
  • Engine power:454 hp
  • 0-100 km/h:5,3 sec
  • Color:black
  • Interior Color:grey
  • Max speed:280 km/h
from 800 to 1300 AED

Traveling to Dubai is undoubtedly an experience to remember for a lifetime. But, believe it or not, there is a way that will accompany your trip with even more pleasure. We are talking about trips around the city in a luxury car. And no, you do not have to spend your entire budget on it.

You have a great opportunity to explore Dubai in Maserati. This dream car will open the city with the best impressions for you. To do this, you can contact our service that offers luxury car rental or, as they are also called, exotic cars. In this review, you will learn about the features of the Maserati rental with the help of luxury car rental Dubai.

Maserati Car Benefits

Maserati is obviously one of the most famous car brands, representing high-end cars. Which is not surprising, given not only the attractive appearance of luxury cars but also the vast interior space, innovative technologies, and increased safety.

Guests, as well as residents of Dubai, are happy to choose cars of this brand, including a luxury sedan or convertible, to make a pleasant ride around the city. Below are the benefits of these exotic cars:

  • Attracts attention. The view of the Maserati luxury cars makes a huge impression on others, so you definitely will not be left behind. Of course, first of all, it will delight you every time you go on a road trip.
  • Has a unique design. The aesthetics of the exotic cars has a special charm that applies to all Maserati models. It is not surprising that the brand of this luxury car is especially loved by famous people. If you rent a car online in Dubai you will reach a new level.
  • Masterfully crafted. The best quality materials are used to make these luxury cars. Be sure that the rental car will be like new.
  • High tech. These luxury and sports cars feature the latest automotive developments, so you will experience maximum comfort in use.

Types of Maserati Available for Luxury Car Rental in Dubai

Our sports car rental service will help you to choose the model of brand that suits you. 

You can choose from the following Maserati models with help of luxury car rental:

  • Maserati Levante;
  • Maserati Quattroporte;
  • Maserati GranCabrio.

If you want to experience driving a rarer Maserati model, you can contact the manager and discuss the possibility of satisfying your request.

Cost of Exotic Car Rental in Dubai

Cost of rental cars depends on the car model you choose. The price is also determined by the continuation of the exotic cars hire. Another indicator from which the price is repelled is the novelty of the luxury vehicle. The newer the vehicle, the higher the rent will naturally be. This range will allow you to choose a car for your budget. Using our service, you will not need to overpay for commission and booking fee. 

Below you can see what is included in the price of rent:

  • Standard mileage limi – 250 km/day;
  • Insurance company service;
  • Baby/child seats if necessary and available in Maserati rental Dubai, so the entire family can enjoy a trip.

What will you have to pay for yourself:

  • Fuel;
  • Delivery and pick up to/from a client;
  • Toll charges;
  • Parking;
  • Extra mileage charges;
  • All traffic fines.

A prerequisite for the rent is also the return of the vehicle with the same fuel level as at the start of the renting. You can also choose from additional service options such as adding another driver. 

Requirements for Renting a Car in Dubai

For car rental in Dubai there are some requirements for a driver. You can hire a luxury car only under the following conditions:

  • Your driving license is valid for more than a 3 years;
  • Your age is over 25;
  • You have an international license, GCC license, or license of permitted countries in accordance with UAE regulations.

Moreover, you pledge to sports car rental the returned vehicle will be free from defects and in excellent condition. If there is a defect, it is fixed and documented. It is important to return the car to the location and time indicated in the contract.

During the use of luxury vehicles in Dubai customers are obliged to check the condition of the car from time to time. Report any mechanical, electrical or other problems with the machine to the manager. Keep in mind that you need to inform about any signals that appear on the car screen. 

There are a number of conditions, when in case of violation you lose insurance coverage in Dubai:

  • You rent a car and sublease it without the consent of the owner;
  • You were in an accident while under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • The car was driven by an unregistered person.

If you meet the requirements, using a car hire, you will get a wide collection of emotions that will open up a new Dubai for you. Our best deal is fantastic service for renting Maserati cars. These vehicles, including the Maserati Levante, perfectly complement the pleasure of the place. Your driving needs will be met, whether in a sedan or a convertible.