Rent Mercedes S-500 - 223 Black in Dubai

Engine power
429 hp
0-100 km/h
4.9 sec
Interior Color
Max speed
250 km/h

Rental price of Mercedes S-500 – 223 Black

Rental period
Price per day (AED)
1-2 days
3-7 days
8-29 days
30+ days

rental conditions

Insurance: Included
Min age: 25 years
Min driving experience: 3 years
Included day mileage: 250 km
Cost of extra km: 10 AED

Terms of rental

For Tourists Visiting the UAE:
Visit Visa
Home Country Driving License
International Driving Permit (IDP)
For UAE Residents:
UAE Driving License
Emirates ID (Residential Visa may be acceptable)
Mercedes S-500 – 223 Black

If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, the Mercedes S-500 223 is worth considering. This Mercedes combines comfort, style, and the latest technology, making it an ideal rental for navigating the city.

Exterior and Interior 

The classic black color gives this model a sleek and professional look. It’s a sizable vehicle, offering ample space inside. This means you get generous legroom and headspace, enhancing passenger comfort, especially on longer journeys. The size, however, does require extra attention when parking in confined areas. Its LED headlights ensure excellent visibility at night, adding to its safe driving features.

The seating is all about comfort, with soft leather and adjustable features, perfect for long drives. The advanced climate control system maintains a comfortable temperature, essential in Dubai’s hot climate. Exceptional noise insulation makes the cabin incredibly quiet, ideal for business calls or simply enjoying a peaceful ride. Plus, the panoramic sunroof offers a view of the sky, adding to the overall luxury experience.

Technology and Driving Dynamics

The car boasts a large central touchscreen with easy-to-use controls for navigation, music, and more. The high-quality sound system is perfect for enjoying music or podcasts. Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports make it easy to stay connected and keep your devices charged.

The luxury car is powered by a strong engine, offering a smooth and responsive drive. Despite its size, it handles well in both urban and highway settings, making it versatile for all sorts of travel in Dubai.

Safety Features and Practical Considerations

Safety is a top priority in the Mercedes S-500. It features a sophisticated airbag system and supplementary functions like Blind Spot Monitoring and Lane Keeping System, particularly useful in Dubai’s busy traffic.

The car comes with a large boot, perfect for travelers with luggage. It runs on petrol, which is readily available in Dubai. The inclusion of parking sensors and cameras is essential for maneuvering in urban areas. Tinted windows provide privacy and protection from the sun, and the air conditioning is robust enough to handle high temperatures.

The Mercedes S-500 is ideal for business travelers who need a comfortable and prestigious vehicle, vacationers looking for a luxurious and spacious car, and individuals who prefer smooth and comfortable driving.

This vehicle offers a blend of luxury, comfort, and practicality. It’s notable for its elegant design and tranquil driving experience, making it well-suited for the urban and picturesque roads of Dubai.


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