Rent Bentley Continental GT White in Dubai

Engine power
626 hp
0-100 km/h
3.6 sec
Interior Color
Max speed
333 km/h

Rental price of Bentley Continental GT White

Rental period
Price per day (AED)
1-2 days
3-7 days
8-29 days
30+ days

rental conditions

Insurance: Included
Min age: 21 years
Min driving experience: 3 years
Included day mileage: 250 km
Cost of extra km: 10 AED

Terms of rental

For Tourists Visiting the UAE:
Visit Visa
Home Country Driving License
International Driving Permit (IDP)
For UAE Residents:
UAE Driving License
Emirates ID (Residential Visa may be acceptable)
Bentley Continental GT White

The Bentley Continental GT White is a luxury car that combines elements of traditional craftsmanship with modern design features. It is aimed at individuals who seek both comfort and a high status from their vehicle.

Detailed Design and Interior Features

This model features a striking white exterior with a two-door coupe body style, giving it a blend of sportiness and elegance. The design prioritizes front passenger comfort with generous legroom, while the rear seats are more compact, reflecting its sporty orientation. Inside, the car boasts high-quality leather seats that provide support and comfort for long journeys. 

The seats in the front can be adjusted to fit various preferences, enhancing the overall comfort level. The vehicle is equipped with a sophisticated climate control system, ensuring the interior remains comfortable regardless of the external weather conditions.

Enhanced Driving Experience and Safety

The Bentley Continental GT offers a quiet interior, minimizing noise for a peaceful driving experience, even at higher speeds. It features smooth handling and stability, making it well-suited for both city driving and longer trips. The inclusion of parking assist technology aids in maneuvering in tight urban spaces.

Safety features include several airbags to protect occupants in the event of a collision. The car also has an advanced braking system, providing reliable stopping power in different driving scenarios, which is particularly useful in areas with varying traffic conditions.

Upgraded Entertainment System

The entertainment system in the car is modern and supports a range of devices, making it ideal for keeping passengers entertained on long drives or while stuck in traffic. The sound system delivers high-quality audio, creating an immersive listening experience within the vehicle.

Additional Details

The Bentley Continental GT is powered by a robust engine that offers quick acceleration and efficient power delivery, ensuring a dynamic driving experience. The car’s suspension system is designed to adapt to various driving conditions, providing a balance between comfort and handling precision.

Connectivity features in the Continental GT include Bluetooth, satellite navigation, and integration with smartphones, allowing drivers and passengers to stay connected and access their favorite media or navigation apps with ease.

Overall, The Bentley Continental GT White is a luxury vehicle that stands out for its elegant design, advanced features, and performance capabilities.


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