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Tesla Model X

The 2021 Tesla Model X is an exceptional and stylish electric SUV, ideal for cruising through the streets of Dubai. It’s not just visually appealing but also offers a ride that’s both smooth and secure, making it an excellent selection for anyone seeking comfort on the road.

Design and Visual Appeal

This Tesla is a real head-turner, especially in its white color. It boasts a contemporary and chic appearance that really makes it stand out. The Falcon Wing doors are a standout feature – they open upwards, which is not only cool but also super practical, especially in cramped parking spaces.

Driving Experience

Driving the Tesla Model X is an absolute thrill. It zooms quickly, similar to a sports car, yet it’s spacious enough for family use. Being electric, it offers a quieter driving experience compared to traditional cars, which is quite refreshing.

Battery Life and Recharging

A highlight of this SUV is its impressive range – it can travel over 300 miles on a single charge. However, factors like your driving style and how much you’re carrying can affect this. Charging is convenient, either at home or at Tesla’s fast-charging stations.

Interior and Comfort

The interior of the Tesla Model X is generously spacious and features a minimalist design, but in this variant, it’s decked out in a beautiful beige color. This gives it a luxurious and elegant feel, though it might need more care to keep clean. The electric car is equipped with a large touchscreen for most controls, which might be new for some drivers. It also features an Autopilot system for assisted driving, but driver vigilance is still necessary.

Safety Aspects

The Model X takes safety seriously. It’s equipped with numerous features like automatic emergency braking and lane departure alerts to help prevent accidents. However, it’s important to remember that these features are aids, not replacements for attentive driving.

Family Suitability

For families, the Model X is a dream. It offers ample room and can seat up to seven people comfortably. Storage is plentiful with both front and rear trunks. The unique Falcon Wing doors are stylish but may take a bit longer to open and close than regular doors, something to consider if you have young kids.

Unique Additions

The Tesla Model X comes with some special features that are often overlooked. It includes an advanced HEPA air filtration system for cleaner cabin air and receives regular over-the-air software updates, enhancing the vehicle’s features over time.

In summary, the 2021 Tesla Model X in white, with its beige interior, is a top-notch choice for those seeking a mix of elegance, excitement, and practicality. Its electric nature, cutting-edge technology, and distinctive design set it apart from typical rental cars. Prospective renters should think about their ease with modern technology, charging options, and their specific travel requirements when considering this vehicle.

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Road-ready vehicle
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Technical support
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Tesla Model X

Where can I rent a Tesla Model X in Dubai?
Octane in Dubai offers an exclusive opportunity to rent a Tesla Model X. You can conveniently book this electric vehicle through our website or visit our local office in Dubai.
How much does it cost to rent a Tesla Model X in Dubai?
The cost of renting a Tesla Model X at Octane in Dubai usually starts from AED 1,090 per day, depending on the season and availability. This price includes comprehensive insurance and a mileage limit, providing peace of mind while exploring Dubai's stunning scenery.
How much hp does a Tesla Model X have?
The 2021 Tesla Model X has different horsepower ratings depending on the variant. The Long Range variant has about 670 horsepower, while the Plaid version boasts around 1020 horsepower.
How old do I have to be to rent a Tesla Model X in Dubai?
To rent a Tesla Model X from Octane in Dubai, the minimum age is 25 years old. It is also important to have a valid driver's license and possibly an international driving license depending on the country of origin. Always check with Octane for specific terms and conditions and additional requirements.

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