Dubai Mall is one of the main attractions in the city, equally popular among shopaholics and regular tourists. Considering the massive scale of this mall, it is reasonable to learn more about it in advance of your visit.

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Everything You Should Know About Dubai Mall Before Your Visit

What is Dubai Mall?

Dubai Mall is the largest shopping center in the United Arab Emirates. Operating since 2008, it occupies an area of more than twelve million square feet and is home to more than 1,200 different shopping venues.

As you can already tell by its size, Dubai Mall offers everything you might be looking for. Starting with entrance to Burj Khalifa or its huge ice rink and ending with numerous fashion outlets or other stores.

On average, it accepts eighty million people every year. Even though the exact numbers are not available to the public, the owner company has reported an annual income of more than $1.33 billion. It is reasonable to assume Dubai Mall is responsible for a major part of these profits.

Where is Dubai Mall located?

The legendary shopping center is located in Downtown Dubai, the most prestigious neighborhood in the entire city. Since the mall is connected to Burj Khalifa, finding the directions won’t be difficult – you can see it from almost any part of the city.

Right next to the attraction, you will find dozens of hotels, a sky view observatory, and several restaurants, although you will likely find anything you need in the mall itself.

Everything You Should Know About Dubai Mall Before Your Visit

What are the best ways to get there?

As you would expect from such a massive tourist attraction and a hub for thousands of people, there are lots of ways to get to Dubai Mall.

If you prefer traveling with public transport, there are buses driving here from any part of the city. A great option would be to download an app with all the itineraries so that you don’t get the wrong ride.

Speaking of rides, you can always get a taxi. Perhaps the most common option is using Uber, but if you don’t have any roaming data on your plan, you can easily catch a cab without using the internet. Most hotels will be glad to order you a taxi if you ask at the reception desk, and as for the ride back, there is a special gate for cab rides in the mall.

Of course, you can always drive there yourself, whether you have your own vehicle or are planning to rent a car in Dubai. The shopping center has multiple massive parking lots, so you’ll easily find a spot for your car. But when you do, make sure to write down its number, as finding it after a day at the mall is a challenge of its own.

Must-See Parts of Dubai Mall

Now that we’ve properly introduced the mall, it is time to get to the most interesting part – its contents. As you already know, there are more than 1,200 venues operating on its territory, so we cannot list all of them, but we will go through the very best and most interesting destinations you can find here.

Navigating around them might be tricky, so we recommend downloading the Dubai Mall app, as it has a built-in map that tracks your location based on nearby networks. In case it does not work, you can also use interactive terminals that are placed on almost every corner of the shopping center.

Everything You Should Know About Dubai Mall Before Your Visit

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is easily the most popular reason for visiting the Dubai Mall, as the tourist entrance is located right in the shopping center. The famous skyscraper has its own reception desk, where you can purchase a ticket or leave belongings that are prohibited for entrance.

It is also possible to purchase the tickets in advance, and it is actually the preferable option. The reception desk has two separate queues, and buying a ticket on the spot will take noticeably longer.

After showing the ticket, you will be able to pass to the elevators. Most trips include visits to view points on 124th and 125th floors, but the elevator ride will be quick and smooth. Even though it might take anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour to finally get through all the queues, the breathtaking views are definitely worth the wait.

Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is another iconic attraction you can find inside the Dubai Mall. Even though aquariums exist in hundreds of cities, this one is done in classic Dubai fashion, impressing the visitors with its scale.

The tanks here hold more than ten million liters of water and are inhabited by more than thirty thousand animals, which is an almost unfathomable number. Some of its most iconic occupants are huge stingrays and sharks, but smaller fish like eels, snappers, or clownfish are also interesting to encounter.

You can always purchase a ticket and go explore the aquarium on your own, but the operating company provides a variety of additional experiences you could try as well. The list includes various animal encounters, feeding showcases, and even shark dives.

The Dubai Fountain

Right outside the Dubai Mall, you will find the most famous fountain in the city. Although, calling it a fountain is a small understatement, as this system is 275 meters long and can shoot the water all the way up to 150 meters into the air.

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The most impressive show starts after the sunset, as the illumination is launched. It is equipped with more than six thousand lights and twenty-five massive colored projectors, creating a stunningly beautiful performance.

Ice Rink

If you’re looking for a more unusual experience, this venue should do the trick for you. It is an olympic-sized rink suitable for professional ice skating, but it welcomes visitors of all skill levels, providing them with a refreshing break from the never-ending heat of Dubai.

You can either enjoy some free roaming on the rink or book a class to learn from one of the specialists here. Additionally, it regularly serves as a platform for various events you can attend. The calendar for these shows is available on the official website of the ice rink, allowing you to easily plan your visit accordingly.

Everything You Should Know About Dubai Mall Before Your Visit

VR Park

Even though the VR technology is now widely available to the public, and the wow-effect of the park is gone, it still deserves a visit. First of all, if you don’t have a VR headset at home, it is a great opportunity to try it out. Secondly, the venue still manages to provide some unique experiences that are worth discovering.

The park offers a wide variety of virtual experiences ranging from traditional VR games to immersive experiences such as roller coasters or movie scene simulators. Some of the stands do not only have headsets but also offer various extra devices that improve the immersion even further.

Much like with most other attractions in Dubai, entrance to the VR park is based on tickets. You can either purchase them on the spot or order them online in advance to your visit. As usual, the latter option is preferable, as it will save you some time that you would otherwise have to spend in the ticket queue.


The Dubai Mall is great for visitors of all ages, and KidZania is a perfect place for families with children. For families with small kids, it is an opportunity to have an entertaining and educational experience together, while parents with older children can leave them at KidZania for the day and go shopping. It should be noted that this feature is only available for kids who are higher than 120 cm.

The main attraction of the venue is its mini-city, where the youngsters can role-play as various real-life professions and enjoy master-classes from the employees. Of course, the security standards are exceptionally high here, and every kid is given a special wristband that notifies the staff if they leave the territory.


Every shopping center needs a cinema, and Dubai Mall delivers on that as well. There are 22 different viewing rooms, where some of them offer outstandingly luxurious conditions, while others are decorated for children.

The tickets can be purchased online and on the spot, and the local cafe will provide you with all the supplies you need for a perfect night at the movies. Of course, the assortment of films includes all the latest releases from Hollywood with most of the showings being held in English.

Food Court

As in every other shopping center in the world, you can find a wide variety of dining options in the Dubai Mall. There are more than 40 establishments with cuisines from all around the world, and even though it is nothing special or luxury, it still works well after spending a day shopping.

Most venues here give out small pinging devices that notify you when the order is ready, so you never have to wait in line while your meal is being prepared. This area is almost exclusively devoted to fast food, whereas more exquisite dining venues are located in other parts of the Dubai Mall.


Hysteria is the local house of horrors that operates in the famous shopping center. The establishment offers a variety of events and quests, most of which involve jump scares from live actors. Unlike most other items on the list, it is a fairly ordinary haunted attraction. Nonetheless, the reviews are almost exclusively positive, and most visitors agree the experience is genuinely scary.

Fashion Avenue

Fashion is easily the largest category of goods sold in the Dubai Mall, so it won’t be too surprising to discover it has an entire huge area devoted specifically for fashion venues. In total, it features more than 200 stores, including all the popular designer brands you might have in mind.

Aside from fashion boutiques, the avenue sets the perfect shopping mood with its decorations, and offers several luxury restaurants. Speaking of luxury, some of the boutiques even offer custom tailoring, but you should know that the price tags are corresponding.

Everything You Should Know About Dubai Mall Before Your Visit


The last location on our list is definitely a special one. Chinatown is a small area located in one of the remotest parts of the Dubai Mall, and it is very easy to miss. Even though there is nothing particularly special there, we still recommend paying it a visit.

You will surely enjoy the neon lights and themed decorations, but if you’re in for it, you can visit one of the restaurants or go for hot beverages at one of the local tea houses. Just stopping by will only take you five minutes, which will be worth it at least for the atmospheric photos.

Parking in Dubai Mall

Days Time Range Fee (Dirhams)
Monday to Thursday Up to 4 hours 40
4 to 5 hours 50
5 to 6 hours 60
6 to 7 hours 80
7 to 12 hours 100
12 to 24 hours 500
More than 24 hours 1000
Friday to Sunday Up to 6 hours 0
6 to 7 hours 80
7 to 8 hours 100
8 to 12 hours 200
12 to 24 hours 500
More than 24 hours 1000


  • Parking fees apply to Grand, Cinema, and Fashion zones.
  • No fees are currently charged in Zabeel and Fountain zones.
  • People with disabilities can park for free everywhere.