Dubai is one of the best places in the world to perform car photoshoots. The emirate has everything you need for creating stunning pictures, starting with its diverse assortment of natural and architectural wonders and ending with a perfect infrastructure for beautiful luxury cars.

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Today, we will explore the most iconic car photoshoot locations in Dubai and its outskirts, covering both urban and natural places, and we will also share some tips on how to make amazing pictures in Dubai.

Iconic Urban Locations

Dubai is well-known all across the globe for its mind-blowing architectural achievements, so it is reasonable to start with brief overviews of the most iconic places for car photoshoots within the city itself.

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is densely packed with architectural marvels, while also being a perfect place to capture the bustling atmosphere of city life. Beautifully decorated streets, marvelous buildings, and luxury cars perfectly fit together here, enabling you to take some iconic shots full of life and action.

Burj Khalifa


As the world’s tallest building and arguably the most iconic man-built structure in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa commands attention in any car photoshoot. Its sleek, glass facade reflects the elegance of high-performance vehicles, while the surrounding plaza complements the rich setting of the location.

To make some stunning pictures featuring Burj Khalifa, it is not even necessary to get close to the building. It is naturally full of tourists, making car photoshoots rather inconvenient there. The architectural wonder works much better when shot from distance, and the good news is that there are plenty of spots in Dubai, from where you can capture some amazing views of the skyscraper.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a neighborhood located in the city’s bay, and it is built in accordance with the rest of the city. It is full of futuristic skyscrapers, stunning yachts, and clear water that is beautifully reflecting the sunlight.

The place works well both for daylight photoshoots and for taking pictures after sunset, as much like the rest of the city, Dubai Marina shines with thousands of lights in the night. The neighborhood is fairly large, making it easy to find a vacant spot for taking the pictures with no rush.

Meydan Bridge

Meydan Bridge is another engineering marvel that makes for an exquisite stage for car photoshoots. In the daylight, you can take some stunning photographs from the bridge itself, as it opens a nice view of the city’s skyline in the distance.

Once the sun sets, the bridge starts to shine with its dynamic lighting, and even though you can still see the city’s lights in the distance, it is much better to have Meydan Bridge in the background at this time of the day.

Desert Backdrops

In case you prefer natural car photoshoots, Dubai is one of the best places in the world for capturing a desert environment. The desert is very close to the city, enabling you to benefit from all its infrastructure during your trip. Besides, there are numerous options in Dubai for renting luxury SUVs that perfectly fit this photo idea.

Unlike with other categories, we won’t be listing any specific locations for desert photoshoots. The reason for that is quite simple – they all offer almost exactly the same conditions.

In case you are planning to have Dubai’s skyline as the background, almost any spot within a certain distance away from the city will do the trick for you, where the only difference will be the angle. In case you are only interested in capturing the desert environment, you will be able to do so in numerous spots next to the city.

Beachside Spots

Beachside locations are also fairly popular among visitors of Dubai, and there are several places you might want to visit to capture the beach life of the city’s tourists. We will list the most iconic places, but if you’re looking for a quieter location, you can visit any non-mainstream beach in the city’s outskirts.

Jumeirah Beach

Best Car Photoshoot Locations Dubai

Jumeirah Beach, with its golden sands and azure waters, serves as a perfect setting for car photoshoots. Pictures taken here can feature the magnificent Burj Al Arab, the beautiful waters of the Arabian Gulf, and the plethora of attributes of beach life.

The location is popular among visitors, so it might be fairly inconvenient to make car photoshoots here, but it is surely worth it for many photo hunters. Jumeirah Beach offers an unparalleled dynamic environment that combines architectural and natural wonders while also making it possible to capture the day-to-day life of Dubai’s tourists.

Palm Jumeirah

The man-made wonder, Palm Jumeirah, also offers a captivating setting for car photoshoots. Much like all locations in this category, it is popular among tourists, and makes up for a great place to capture the leisure activities of Dubai’s visitors.

The environment of the palm-shaped island is surprisingly diverse. There are multiple architectural sights to use as a background here, and you can also drive around the island in search of a perfectly quiet spot. Palm Jumeirah is slightly offset from the mainland, enabling you to capture some amazing views of the shoreline.

La Mer Beach

La Mer, the last beach on the list, is also a very lively destination that enables you to capture the lifestyle of Dubai’s tourists. The style of the surrounding architecture is slightly different from the Jumeirah Beach and Palm Jumeirah, but the beach life is just as active here.

This particular beach looks especially great during sunrise and sunset, so if you’re hunting for some truly gorgeous shots, waking up early or getting home late to capture the beauty of La Mer is definitely worth it.

Historical and Cultural Sites

There are numerous historical and cultural sites in Dubai, although not all of them are great for car photoshoots. In this section, we will have an overview of the best spots in the city and its outskirts that will allow you to get and capture a glimpse into the culture and traditions of the emirate.

Al Madam Ghost Town

Best Car Photoshoot Locations Dubai

Al Madam Ghost Town could be placed in the desert environments section of this article, but we decided that it is more valued for its history and culture rather than the desert. Al Madam is a small town that was abandoned by its residents and is now partially consumed by sands.

It is located fairly close to Dubai, and it is surely an interesting place to visit even without a car photoshoot. But if you’re looking for a non-mainstream destination to take some unique shots, Al Madam is definitely an option worth considering.

Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

If you prefer not to leave the city but still capture some history of Old Dubai, the Al Fahidi neighborhood is a decent option. This neighborhood offers a unique glimpse into the life of Dubai’s residents as it was decades ago, and even though the local narrow lanes create some inconvenience for car photoshoots, it is still an interesting option to consider.

Instagrammable Places in Dubai

Essentially, all the places we have previously mentioned work well for Instagram. Every destination on the list can look stunning and impressive if shot correctly, so we have decided to devote this section to some of the natural wonders of Dubai and the area surrounding it.

Hatta Dam

Hatta Dam offers a perfect combination of accessibility and beauty to drivers in Dubai. The site itself is a breathtakingly glorious lake surrounded by the mountains, but there are many other attractive car photoshoot spots on the way there and right next to it.

Taking a road trip to Hatta Dam will both guarantee you an amazing time spent outside of the city’s hustle and bustle, and a diverse set of pictures in various natural environments.

Al Qudra Lakes

Al Qudra lakes are a desert oasis that grants a truly unique setting for car photoshoots. The lakes are surrounded by golden sands, while the oasis itself is home to a diverse scene of indigenous flora and fauna.

Jabal Bil Ays

A trip to the Jabal Bil Ays mountain will take more time than a visit to any of the previously mentioned destinations, but it is definitely worth it. The road passes a serpentine path with dozens of spots for making shots with breathtaking natural backgrounds, and those who are into camping can easily combine these two activities.

Tips for a Successful Car Photoshoot

There are two main tips we can share in relation to making a perfect car photoshoot in Dubai. Firstly and most importantly, we recommend considering timing when planning the session. As we have mentioned earlier today, some locations work better in the daylight, some destinations look stunningly during sunset, while others shine in new colors at night.

The second suggestion we have is to pay attention to local legislation. Tourists are rarely fined for taking pictures, but it is still much safer to learn and obtain permissions for photoshoots where such permissions are necessary. In case you are planning to take some shots with a drone, it is especially important to discover the corresponding local regulations before taking off.

Nearby Locations: Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Sharjah

Dubai offers a tremendous number of spots that are great for taking pictures, but if you plan to go on a trip outside of the emirate, you might be interested in visiting some other destinations that are suitable for car photoshoots.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is Dubai’s neighboring emirate, and it also offers a plethora of places, where you can take some stunning shots with your car. The list includes but is not limited to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the Emirates Palace, the Corniche Road, Qasr Al Watan, the Al Hudayriat island, the Yas island, and other destinations.


Ajman is a smaller emirate than Dubai, but it has enough attractions that are suitable for our aims. The list of destinations you might want to visit there includes the Ajman Corniche, the Al Zorah Mangrove Forest, Ajman Marina, the Ajman Beach, and the Al Jurf Mangrove Park.


Best Car Photoshoot Locations Dubai

Sharjah is a much more religious emirate than Dubai, which is not necessarily its downside, as you can capture some interesting cultural and historical sites here. The list of places we would suggest visiting for car photoshoots includes the King Faisal Mosque, the Sharjah Art Foundation, the Al Noor island, the Sharjah Desert Park, the Al Montazah Parks, and Al Qasba.


What are some of the best urban locations in Dubai for a car photoshoot?

The list of the best urban locations for car photoshoots in Dubai includes the city’s downtown area, Burj Khalifa, the Meydan Bridge, and the Dubai Marina neighborhood.

Can I do a car photoshoot in the Dubai desert, and what should I consider?

Yes, you can do a car photoshoot in the Dubai desert. You should consider the timing of your photoshoot, the high temperatures in the desert environment, and the vehicle you will be taking to the trip.

Are there any beach locations in Dubai suitable for car photography?

There are numerous beaches in Dubai that are suitable for car photography. In case you’re looking for the most popular options, they are the Jumeirah Beach, the Palm Jumeirah island, and the La Mer beach.

Do I need permission for a car photoshoot in public places in Dubai?

Yes, certain places in Dubai require permissions for car photoshoots. The tourists are rarely fined for taking pictures without permission, although it is recommended to obtain it nonetheless.

You don’t need permission if you take photos on your phone. If you use a camera, then almost everywhere in the UAE you need permission.


Summing up, Dubai offers an unparalleled assortment of destinations for car photoshoots. You can choose from a plethora of architectural sites, natural wonders, desert or beach environments, and even some historical places. Combined with the developed infrastructure and a vast selection of rental car options, it is easily one of the best places in the world to take some great pictures with a car.